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SandRite: is a xanthan gum produced by bacterial fermentation or synthetically. Its primary function is to increase gel strength of the drilling fluid, thus suspending the cuttings in the hole for easier removal. It will also increase the fluids viscosity aiding in proper  hole cleaning.This or similar products are used in extended gel or extra high yield gel (bentonite) provided by various mud companies.

Shipped 5 - 25 lb. units

Key Benefits of SandRite

Adding 1/8 lb of this product along with API 90 bentonite to 100 gallons of water will give almost identical properties as the “high yield / extended gels”. Assure PH is 9-9.5 with Soda Ash. Then slowly add ¼ lbs. SandRite per 100 gallons of fluid until desired viscosity or gel strength is reached.



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