FERC has approved Williams’ requests to use revised facility workspaces at the Gaffney, Deering Milliken, and Blacksburg M&R Stations in South Carolina and construct the following Atlantic Sunrise Project facilities:
• Mainline A and B Replacement in Virginia
• Modifications at Compressor Stations 190, 170, 160, 155, 150, and 145 in
Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina
• 14 mainline valves as identified in Table 1 of Transco’s March 6, 2017
supplemental request in North Carolina and South Carolina
• Modifications at the Cleveland County Meter Station, Duke Lincoln Meter
Station, Iredell Meter Station, Hicks Crossroads Meter Station, Mooresville Meter Station, Park Road Power Plant Meter Station, Salisbury M&R Station, Frontier Appalachian Meter Station, West Lexington M&R Station, Winston Salem M&R Station, Greensboro M&R Station, Bethany M&R Station, and Rockingham Meter Station in North Carolina
• Modifications at the Gaffney M&R Station, Cherokee Co-Gen Meter Station, Skygen Co-Gen Meter Station, Deering Milliken M&R Station, Blacksburg M&R Station, Broad River Meter Station, York Road Meter Station, and Mill Creek Meter Station in South Carolina

The Atlantic Sunrise Project includes the following:
•Approximately 183 miles of new greenfield pipe (Central Penn North & Central Penn South)
•Two pipeline loops totaling about 12 miles (Chapman Loop, Unity Loop)
•Two and half miles of existing pipeline replacement, two new compressor facilities in Pennsylvania
•Other facility additions or modifications in five states (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina)

Once completed, the project will add 1.7 million dekatherms per day of pipeline capacity to Williams’ Transco system, and is expected to be in service in 2018.


Source:Pipeline News (PLN) magazine